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Among the services provided to the public are the Investigation of alleged Legal Malpractice and the Representation of individuals and businesses who have been harmed by the conduct of their attorneys.


The law firm conducts a thorough investigation of the matter by reviewing all relevant documents, interviewing witnesses, and speaking with an Expert in the given field of law that is involved in their underlying matter.


Most malpractice cases require the testimony of an expert and the need to secure the help of such a person is the first order of business in most cases.


Over thirty years of practice the firm has come to deal with experts in almost every area of the law representative of the diversity of matters handled by the Law Offices of Joel M. Pores.


The firm will conduct a Cost-Benefit analysis. After all, the client must know what they are up against before they embark on a time consuming, costly, and uncertain result. They have a right and a need to know where the case is going before getting on. A lawyer who fails to conduct such an analysis may be guilty of malpractice.


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