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When a Legal Malpractice action arises out of an Underlying Matter that was a claim for damages due to an injury sustained in an accident, does Medicare have the same LIEN rights as in the underlying matter? Read More.


Read More about the Seven C’s.

It’s Dangerous Out There! Cases and Clients to Avoid

Well you probably know enough about danger to stay away from the client who has poured through three or four of your contemporaries, has sued everyone they ever had dealings with, or just wants to pursue an action for the “principle” of the thing, regardless of merit. Read More

Bankruptcy of Discharge of Attorney Fees

There appears to be some confusion in regard to the issue of Bankruptcy as it pertains to the discharge of attorneys fees even if they are not scheduled as a debt. Read More…

It’s Dangerous Out There! Cases and Clients to Avoid

Most Legal Malpractice cases are won or lost on the issue of causation… Read More

Ethically Speaking

This article, published in OCBA, argues that the proposed changes to trust accounting rule will reduce discipline risk, but may create traps. Read More…


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