AV Rated Orange County Legal Malpractice Attorney

Professional Services for Attorneys


Mentoring in Professional Responsibility

Mr. Pores provides his time for Free through the Orange County Bar Association to lawyers calling in for advice in the area of attorney ethics and professional responsibility.


Co-Counsel and Case Consultation

Legal Malpractice is a unique and somewhat complicated area of the law. It can be difficult to the uninitiated. Each case requires a different approach, and the use of experts. The Law Office of Joel M. Pores is available to consult with or to act as co-counsel in certain circumstances. Such things as the Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice is Misunderstood by most lawyers. Case law modifies much of the key wording of CCP 340.6.


State Bar Inquiries

Help respond to the State Bar regarding Trust Account errors, other matters.


Expert Witness Services

Act as an Expert in attorney fee disputes.


Malpractice and Fee Dispute Defense

Joel M. Pores represents attorneys in defense of malpractice actions and in fee disputes, with over 32 years of experience.


Review for Compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct:

  • Content of Retainer Agreements
  • Liens or other Adverse Interests
  • Taking Stock in Clients
  • Trust Account Methods
  • Propriety of Conflict Waivers
  • Disengagement Letters
  • Fee Disputes
  • Withdrawal and Termination
  • Return of Files and Property
  • File and Record Retention
  • Costs and Fees



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